The Ford Transit Connect is an incredible one-of-a-kind cargo van with various safety features to ensure the occupants reach their destination safely and sound. The vehicle has a couple of airbags in different places on the car, such as frontal, seat-mounted, safety canopy system, and side-mounted airbags. All these airbags cushion the driver and passengers in a crash to ensure they are not hurt.

It also features an antilocking braking system on the wheels for an enhanced stoppage and slowing down. The vehicle also has height adjustable seatbelts on each seat to ensure occupants of each height are held into place properly. All the doors have a power locking option that the driver can control. The low tire pressure warning alerts the driver whenever the pressure on the tire is below its required amount. The vehicle also has daytime running lights in case of foggy or unclear circumstances that may need them.


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