The Ford Edge is simply a different kind of midsize SUV. To transform your engagement with the road, you should strongly consider switching to one of these technologically advanced beauties. Once you make the change, you will be able to cruise through Red Oak in style.

One key benefit of modern technology is the ability to completely maximize safety during your driving experience. This crucial mission is boldly fulfilled by the five driver-assist mechanisms encapsulated within Ford Co-Pilot360™. Thanks to intuitive responses and quick reaction times, this profoundly evolved set of systems can really do the trick.

Meanwhile, secure monetary exchanges no longer need a middleman with FordPay. This revolutionary approach to sending and receiving funds will totally transform the way you conduct transactions. At Hawkeye Ford Inc, everyone is absolutely enamored with this glorious automotive powerhouse. If this sounds like the right ride for you, then just come to our showroom for a personalized test drive.


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