If you seek a quick, nimble hatchback, we recommend Ford's Fiesta ST. It thrills us on test drives around Red Oak at Hawkeye Ford Inc. Let's explore why.

Ford imbues performance into its Fiesta ST through a 1.6-liter EcoBoost engine. You will command the power of 197 horses via that metal machine. Given the Fiesta ST's size, imagine the quickness you'll feel when you engage the popular hatchback's accelerator! To aid your sport-driving skills, Ford attaches its ePAS power-assisted steering system to those horses.

Importantly, the Ford Fiesta ST stops as powerfully as it goes. Ford builds four-wheel, anti-lock disc brakes into this sport-tuned hatchback. Combined with the model's standard-issue aggressive brake pads, these brakes optimally halt the Fiesta ST when necessary. Additionally, Ford pairs this quick car's braking setup with its patented AdvanceTrac system. This technology constantly monitors the Fiesta ST's traction. On slick roads, AdvanceTrac reduces engine torque and applies the brakes to help you maintain control.


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