The 2019 Ford Taurus Sedan Provides Abundant Interior Illumination

The 2019 Ford Taurus sedan is a powerful and stylish full-size sedan. This well-known and popular vehicle offers drivers and passengers a tantalizing list of luxury and performance features. It also offers a number of interior amenities designed to appeal to the senses. Among these amenities are the 2019 Ford Taurus ambient lighting system.

The 2019 Taurus sedan ambient lighting system offers drivers and passengers up to five separate levels of light dimming control. Not only do occupants have control over the light intensity, but they can also choose colors that suit their moods. These colors run the gamut from blue to orange, and also offer deep red colors to boot. In addition, the Limited and SHO models offer standard LED interior lighting for vital areas such as door handles and foot wells.

As 2019 Ford Taurus occupants enjoy the unique lighting system, they can also take in the Sony Clear Phase audio system offerings. Known for its extraordinarily sharp sounds, the Clear Phase system employs a dozen speakers to provide seamless sound from every interior angle.



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