The Ford Expedition Tows Cargo Efficiently

The Ford Expedition has a 3.5-liter engine with EcoBoost. This engine can produce up to 375 horsepower for cargo that weighs up to 9,300 pounds. These specs are important because they complement the standard towing solutions that are designed for challenging towing jobs.

There are several towing tools that provide advantages during different towing situations. On uneven terrains and crowded highways, sway control manages the wheels on a trailer. If the Expedition maneuvers too quickly to another lane while hauling a boat, the sway control will stabilize the trailer. The Blind Spot Information System increases awareness while items are towed. If you aren't able to spot a car along the side of the Expedition, this system will highlight the vulnerable zone.

When the Ford Expedition isn't used as a towing vehicle, it still provides benefits on the road. By taking a test drive in an Expedition, you can check out how it performs during a normal cruise. Test drives are available at Hawkeye Ford Inc.



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