2019 Ford Expedition Has Towing Features

We at Hawkeye Ford Inc. have vehicles for different purposes. One of the reasons that people look for vehicles is for towing. Fortunately, we have a lot of options such as the 2019 Ford Expedition which offers people not only towing capabilities but also towing assistance which will make sure that not only your vehicle but the trailer is safe.

The ability to tow is good enough for the 2019 Ford Expedition. However, there is more to towing than just carrying a trailer. There are a ton of factors that need to be addressed when it comes to towing. For instance, the ability to back up right.

The Expedition has the Pro-Trailer Backup Assist which makes it easier for you to move backwards when needed. This comes in the form of a knob which you just have to turn in the direction you want it to go in when backing up.



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