Ford Ranger's Tech Features That Make It Stand Out at Hawkeye Ford Inc.

You know what great tech can do; just look at what it has done for phones, which you can connect to the new Ford Ranger easily. This popular midsize truck has a lot of tech to offer, and you are going to feel like you're stepping in the future with this vehicle.

Automatic High Beams

One thing you can be happy to have is an automatic high beam system that actually detects if you are in a poor lit road. Your high beams will light up on their own without you worrying about it. The lights even dim down if another car is approaching to be courteous and not blind them.


This is another safety tech feature that helps you be more prepared for a potential collision. The system detects if you are going to hit a vehicle and grabs your attention with enough time to brake. The system even prepares the brakes for you. When you press down on your brakes, the vehicle stops with much more precision.

You can feel safe in a Ranger, and you'll know what we are talking about when you come down for a test drive in Red Oak.



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