The Abundant Features of Ford Co-Pilot 360

Ford is taking your safety seriously with the launch of their new Co-Pilot 360. Co-Pilot 360 is a standard suite of safety technology that every Ford will be equipped with starting in 2019. Our team in Red Oak is impressed with how many technologies Ford includes as standard.

One of these technologies is automatic emergency braking. This means that if the car senses that you are about to hit an object it will automatically apply the brakes to avoid the collision. This is extremely helpful if another driver slams on their brakes. Another technology included as standard is a blind spot information system. This will help you to be more aware of your surroundings, even if there are objects in your vehicles blind spot.

Our staff at Hawkeye Ford Inc. is very knowledgeable about the features included in Co-Pilot 360. If you want to learn more about the system, we would be more than happy to help you.



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