Are you looking for an intelligently designed compact vehicle?

The Ford C-MAX is a popular compact hybrid. This new Ford C-Max has a smart gauge with eco-guide and push-button smart access. The smart gauge is simple to learn and user-friendly. This system teaches you how to adjust your driving habits so that you can maximize your vehicle's performance. The eco-guide helps assist your vehicle with energy history and will improve your overall driving performance.

The Ford C-Max has a pushbutton start access that makes it simple to get in and get moving quickly. The easy to use access key can safely be stored in your pocket or bag. All you need to do is simply touch the door handle, put your foot on the brake pedal, and press the start button. This is an easy and safe technology that can help prevent vehicle theft.

This vehicle also has an available active Park assistance and rain sensing wipers. Come visit our showroom in Red Oak and let us take you for a test drive.



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